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Diablo 4 Season 4 Tier List: Fastest Classes & Builds

We rank the fastest to slowest leveling classes and builds in Diablo 4 Season 4.
Diablo 4 Season 4 Tier List: Fastest Classes & Builds

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct has arrived with a brand new seasonal storyline,  activities, loot, and a plethora of quality-of-life changes. Whether you're a new player or a returning one, since you're here, you're probably wondering what Diablo 4 classes and builds are fastest to level up and reach the end game. 

Post-level 50, Diablo 4 becomes a very different experience as you start farming Nightmare Dungeons for sacred and ancestral loot. However, reaching there can be fun or frustrating, depending on the class and build you choose to play. 

It's no surprise that Diablo 4's five classes - Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer - have undergone significant changes since the base game's launch. 

While class leveling remains mostly the same as in Season of Blood, some builds have become more viable while others have deteriorated due to the nerfs to critical and vulnerability damage. 

Keeping all the changes as well current meta in mind, we have refreshed our Diablo 4 leveling tier list for Season of the Construct. Without further ado, let's get right into it. 

Diablo 4 fastest-leveling classes and builds ranked (up to level 50)

Our Diablo 4 leveling-tier list is divided into four tiers. From best to worst, these are S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, and C-tier. For the sake of simplicity, we rank builds only on three factors. These are - the overall damage output, mobility, and survivability. If a build excels in all categories, or at least two of them, you should have no problem breezing through most pre-endgame stuff.

  • The S-Tier class builds are ideal. They are the quickest to level up to 50.
  • The A-Tier class builds just as quickly to level up to 50, but progression may slow down as you navigate the end game.
  • The B-Tier class builds are the ones that take relatively longer to reach level 50 but have progression afterward.
  • The C-Tier class builds are the ones that take the longest to level up. They are not necessarily bad to play, but your progress will be slow compared to upper-tier class builds.

S-tier Leveling Classes & Builds in Diablo 4

Class Builds
Rogue  Twisting Blades Rogue
Rogue Barrage Rogue
Rogue Poison Trap Rogue
Necromancer Blood Surge Necromancer

Rogue is the fastest leveling class in Diablo 4 Season 4. Every Rogue build has stellar resource management, which makes it easy to tackle Tier 2 content solo and reach level 50 quickly.

Season of the Construct also paves the way for less viable Rogue builds like Poison Trap. With crits and vulnerable damage nerfed, it's time to push out DOT builds, and Poison Trap is now a solid option for both early and late-game encounters. 

Twisting Blades and Barrage are still the fastest leveling builds in Diablo 4. With Dash and Shadow Steps, you get high mobility, allowing you to fly across the battlefield, stunning and dazing enemies while you deal significant AOE damage with Twisting Blades. They are the perfect solo builds to try in Season of the Construct.

Rogues excel in all the categories we have mentioned before. As such, it comes down to your preference, whether it's Twisting Blades, Barrage, or Poison Trap. 

However, do note that both Twisting Blades and Barrage aren't easy-to-use builds. They require a more methodical approach with an emphasis on movement and positioning.

Just like Rogue, Necromancer builds in Season 4 are the quickest leveling builds in the game, with Blood Surge being one of the best. No, it's not just because it has the word "blood" in it.

Most Necromancer builds emphasize dealing high damage and are great for reaching level 50 quickly. Since the Aspect of Disobedience got buffed, your character can absorb more damage. 

A-tier Leveling Classes & Builds in Diablo 4

Class  Builds
Necromancer Bone Spear Necromancer
Sorcerer Chain Lightning Sorcerer
Sorcerer Arc Lash Sorcerer

Bone Spear is just as easy to level up to 50 as other Necromancer builds. However, with crits being nerfed, Bone Spear isn't as effective as it used to be. That being said, once you have the right Companion powers, you should be able to navigate end-game stuff quite well.  Both Chain Lightning and Arc Lash Sorcerer builds deal heavy damage and don't have Mana issues like other Core-heavy Sorcerer builds. All this makes Chain Lightning and Arc Lash Sorcerer builds easy to level up to 50. However, after that, leveling takes a toll as you focus on improving your defenses instead of offensive abilities. 

These are still incredibly powerful builds, and once you have the right Aspects and Unique items, end-game progression should become smoother. 

B-tier Leveling Classes & Builds in Diablo 4

Class Build
Druid Shred Druid
 Druid Pulverize Werebear Druid
Druid Companion Druid

Druid is one of the most intriguing classes in Diablo 4, and there are plenty of ways to build your Druid character. However, playing as Druid requires patience, and with awful mobility and cumbersome early-game resource management, it isn't an easy class to level up quickly in Season 4.

That being said, once you have crossed the level 50 threshold, all Druid builds, in particular Shred, Pulverize Werebear, and Companion, get to harness their full potential and become powerful enough to solo Nightmare Dungeons and other end-game activities. Overall, Druid is an incredible class, but you can't just breeze through pre-level 50 stuff like you can with some other classes and builds in the game. 

C-tier Leveling Classes & Builds in Diablo 4

Class Build
Barbarian Rend Barbarian
Barbarian Upheaval Barbarian
Barbarian  Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian

Barbarian is the tank class in Diablo 4 and has end-game builds powerful enough to slay Uber Lilith solo. However, like Druid, Barbarian suffers from limited mobility and awful resource management early on. It's also not fit for solo play, which makes it quite hard to recommend. It's a different thing if you're playing in a group, but Barbarian isn't something you would want to pick if you're new to Diablo 4 or just looking to quickly reach the endgame. 

And that sums up our Diablo 4 leveling tier list. We want to add again that none of the builds in this list are bad by any means. In fact, some of the fastest leveling builds, like Twisting Rogue, aren't as fun and flashy to play when compared to something like the Barrage Rogue or Tornado Druid.

It's just that they have the tools necessary to quickly clear up early to mid-game activities with more ease and thus reach level 50 quickly. As such, you should pick up a class or pursue a build that you think is fun to play because that's what matters in the long run. 

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