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Diablo 4 Derelict Lodge Dungeon: Location, Boss, Rewards, More

Here's everything you need to know about the Derelict Lodge Dungeon in Diablo 4, including its location, boss, rewards, and more.
Diablo 4 Derelict Lodge Dungeon: Location, Boss, Rewards, More

Irrespective of your character's level, Dungeon farming in Diablo 4 is one of the most efficient ways to earn XP, gold, legendary gear, and Codex of Power. Since their difficulty scales with your character's current level, you can attempt any Dungeon at any given time. 

The Derelict Lodge Dungeon is a significantly longer and more complex Dungeon with a brutal final boss. This guide covers everything you need to know about this Dungeon, including its location, how to clear, the final boss, rewards, and more. 

Derelict Lodge Dungeon Location in Diablo 4


You can find the Derelict on the western border of Fractured Peaks. It's right above the Nostrava Stronghold on the map. We have marked its exact location in the screenshot above.  

How To Clear the Derelict Lodge Dungeon in Diablo 4


The Derelict Lodge is swarming with Ice Shaman and Bears, so make sure to equip gear that offers ice resistance. We also recommend carrying consumables that provide bonus damage and increased mobility since both will be incredibly useful here. 

As soon as you enter, your first objective is to look for a Bloodstained Key. Shambling Corpses and Bear are crawling in this area, but they shouldn't be too hard to slay, granted you have a decent build. Soon you will also come across Elite Bloated Corpses. If you have a long-ranged character, it's best to have debuffs that reduce damage taken from Elite enemies. 

The Bloodstained Key is on a dead Villager's corpse, but that area is crawling with corpses and a Shattering Bear (Elite.) Thankfully, there's an Artillery Shrine outside this room, so don't forget to use that to make this encounter super easy.  

After acquiring the key, head deeper into the Dungeon towards the Acolytes' Quarter, where your objective is to slay two Enforcers. This area is a change of pace from the previous rooms, as you face enemies that deal fire and poison damage. There are Elite Bloated Corspefiends here, as well as suicidal Carvers, so proceed cautiously.

The First Enforcer is called The Feral Lodge Dweller, who deals ice damage and summons deadly Hellbinders that can hinder mobility. These are sureshot gateway to death, so make sure to destroy them before focusing on the Enforcer.

The Second Enforcer is called Rag'log, which also deals ice damage, but instead of summoning Hellbinders, it summons multiple ice pools across the arena that can freeze you.

Once you have slain both the Enforcers, it's time to head to the Frigid Workshop and face the final boss, Spiritcaller of Frost. 

How to Beat the Spiritcaller of Frost Boss in Derelict Lodge


Spiritcaller of Frost is a brutal boss, and it's best to make some preparations before heading in. Firstly, if you're playing as a short-ranged character, it's best to use the Elixir of the Poison Resistance, as this boss spawns a poison pool around itself, which makes it hard to deal damage upfront. 

If its name didn't make it clear, Spiritcaller of Frost rains down ice attacks that can freeze you or hinder your mobility. Armor that provides bonus ice resistance will be helpful if you're at a higher level. 

As soon as you enter the Frigid Workshop, the boss will cover the area in white pools that can freeze you. Avoid these at all costs, and deal CC damage to build up the stagger meter. The Spiritcaller has only one basic attack, where it throws multiple ice shards at you. These have large coverage areas, so use armor to avoid this attack.

Save up your Ultimate ability for when the boss gets staggered and use it to deal massive damage. Staggering the Spiritcaller will also remove its ice pools from the arena. Continue to avoid its ice attacks and ice pools, and this boss should come down in no time. 

Diablo 4 Derelict Lodge Dungeon Rewards


Completing the Derelict Lodge Dungeon will unlock the Aspect of Explosive Verve and get you 30 Renown Points. In addition to these, you will gain a ton of XP, gold, and occasional legendary drops from the Elite enemies. 

That's everything you need to know about the Derelict Lodge Dungeon in Diablo 4. 

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