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Diablo 4 Elite Affix Types & Effects

Here's a guide detailing the effects of every Diablo 4 Elite Boss Affix so you know exactly what they do.
Diablo 4 Elite Affix Types & Effects

Elite monsters in Diablo 4 pose the ultimate challenge, armed with their own unique affixes known as Elite boss affixes. These affixes, whether elemental or non-elemental, can stack within bosses, elevating their power to unparalleled levels.

So, join us as we explore every Diablo 4 Elite boss affix and uncover their devastating effects. From chilling frost to scorching flames, crackling lightning, toxic perils, and shadowy threats learn how to dominate and ascend to the pinnacle of Sanctuary!

diablo 4 elemental affixes
Diablo 4 enemies can hold multiple affixes. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Diablo 4 Cold Elemental Affixes

Affix Description
Cold Enchanted Chills targets upon contact.
Chilling Wind Summons icy windy pillars that chill upon contact. Ranged projectiles slow down through them.
Frozen Creates a trio of icy crystals that Chill nearby players. Explodes after a short time.
Tempest Creates icy spikes that pull you towards the monster if you cross them.

Diablo 4 Fire Elemental Affixes

Affix Description
Fire Enchanted Shoots three fireballs out of the Elite in random directions. Pulses extra fireballs on death.
Explosive Creates exploding orbs that deal flaming damage to players.
Mortar Shoots flaming shots into the air, dealing flaming damage.

Diablo 4 Lightning Elemental Affixes

Affix Description
Lightning Enchanted Uses a bolt of Lightning to damage the player.
Electrified Obelisks Creates multiple Obelisks that connect bolts of Lightning between them, dealing damage.
Shock Lance Creates a spinning ray of lightning.
Teleporter Moves around the battlefield and creates a lightning field around the Elite.

Diablo 4 Poison Elemental Affixes

Affix Description
Poison Enchanted Spawns poison under those who are hit.
Plaguebearer Spawns Poison after the Elite is defeated.

Diablo 4 Shadow Elemental Affixes

Affix Description
Shadow Enchanted Creates a Shadow copy of the Elite that damages the player.
Terrifying Creates runes that inflict Feared on those nearby.

Diablo 4 Non-Elemental Affixes

Affix Description
Hellbound Creates totems that draw the player in.
Multishot Splits up the Elite's projectiles into trios.
Summoner Creates minions.
Suppressor Spawns a protective dome over the Elite.
Vampiric Drains health from the player and returns it to the caster.
Waller Creates walls to trap the player.

That concludes our list of every affix type in Diablo 4 and their respective effects in-game.

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