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Diablo 4 Has Gone Gold "A Landmark Milestone"

Blizzard has revealed that Diablo 4 has gone gold, but what does that mean for us gamers?
Diablo 4 Has Gone Gold "A Landmark Milestone"

Roughly seven (7) weeks before Lilith's official return to Sanctuary (2 June Early Access and 6 June for everyone else), developer Blizzard has announced that Diablo 4 has "gone gold," and we couldn't be more excited.

Following our Diablo 4 beta experience, we simply can't wait to play Diablo 4 on 2 June 2023, diving into the world of Sanctuary to slay the demons of the Burning Hells and all followers of Lilith, and now, we know for sure that this date won't change, as Diablo 4 has gone gold.

Diablo 4 Goes Gold!

Diablo 4 gone gold day one update meaning no delays release date rod fergusson blizzard
The Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4 has a tonne of cosmetic goodies! (Picture: Blizzard)

On social media, the general manager of the Diablo franchise, and the official Diablo Twitter account, revealed that the 4th mainline entry in Blizzard's iconic ARPG franchise has gone gold.

Check out the glorious announcement that even Treasure Goblins will be a bit jealous about below.

Rod Fergusson, the GM of the Diablo franchise, further explained how this is a huge milestone for the team, stating:

Going gold is a landmark milestone for the incredible Diablo 4 team, who have all worked so hard crafting the next-generation installment of this iconic franchise. This is a concrete, meaningful step toward our June 6 launch.

Whether players are veterans of the franchise or jumping in for the first time, we can’t wait for everyone to experience the full game: taking part in the incredible storytelling, experimenting with character classes and builds, and exploring what the endgame and the dark world of Sanctuary has to offer.

That's great, but what does "gone gold" mean for the average gamer?

What Does Going Gold Mean For Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 gone gold day one update meaning no delays release date rod fergusson blizzard
Even the iconic Butcher has to be happy that Diablo 4 has gone gold. Fresh meat awaits! (Picture: Blizzard)

Going gold means that Diablo 4 will not be delayed. The game will make its Early Access date of 2 June 2023 and be available for everyone who purchased the Standard Edition on 6 June 2023. Yes, you can now set your alarms and mark your calendars with a permanent marker for the Diablo 4 unlock times per region.

"Gone gold" used to mean that a game was completed and got burned onto a "master" disc, which was usually gold in color, to be duplicated onto more discs and shipped to retail. While this might very well be the case for Diablo 4 if Blizzard sticks to tradition, what it really means is simply that the game's content development is completed, and it will release on its expected launch date. It doesn't, however, mean that Diablo 4 will not have a Day One update. To be fair, we think it definitely will, going by industry trends.

Following the Open Betas, Blizzard has already made several gameplay changes/improvements and balance changes to Diablo 4 classes, listening to the community feedback.

Learn more about the endgame systems in Diablo 4 with an official, detailed vid from the developers below.

A big congratulations go out to the Diablo 4 development team on this milestone of going gold. We can't wait to see you all in Sanctuary, so for everything Diablo 4 stay tuned here at GINX!

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