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Diablo 4 PC Infused with Human Blood is Now a Thing

Blizzard has announced a sweepstakes where one lucky fan can win a Diablo 4 PC infused with real human blood...
Diablo 4 PC Infused with Human Blood is Now a Thing

Maybe Blizzard has outdone themselves this time, as they truly went all out with the Diablo 4 Season 2 theme, aka "Season of Blood." There's a blood drive initiative called "Blood Harvest," where the community unlocks three tiers of digital rewards with the ultimate goal being to "harvest a total of 666 quarts of blood." 

If/when this goal is reached, one lucky player will win the grand prize from a sweepstakes: a custom Diablo 4-themed PC that is "infused with real human blood." Let that sink in for a moment...

Diablo 4 PC With Real Human Blood

Diablo 4 pc human blood sweepstakes blood harvest
You do not need to actually donate blood to enter the sweepstakes to win the unique gaming PC. (Picture: Blizzard)

Listen, we don't know how real human blood is infused in the PC (maybe in the paint job?) but in an official blog post, Blizzard announced:

Every player will reap the benefits of those willing to contribute to the Blood Harvest—our goal is to harvest a total of 666 quarts of blood. Crimson-coated cosmetics will be unlocked upon hitting 33%, 66%, and 100% of our goal. Plus, once the grand total is reached, a sweepstakes for a custom liquid-cooled PC infused with real human blood will unlock; all players in the United States over 18 could enter to win, regardless of if they donated blood or not. Details, eligibility requirements, and official rules for the sweepstakes will be shared after the sweepstakes unlocks.

Yes, it is real, and we can expect the sweepstakes for this custom PC to begin once the Blood Harvest event ends on 20 November 2023, if 666 quarts of blood have been donated in total.

The PC's specs have already been announced as well. Check them out below:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090
  • Intel Core i9 CPU
  • 64GB of DDR5 RAM
  • 3 TB SSD Storage
  • Quantum Vector GPU Waterblock

Please note: You do not need to donate blood to enter the sweepstakes.

Creative? Yes. Creepy? Maybe. Two things we know for sure are that homophobes should probably not enter and that we are very excited to hear more about how human blood is infused in this gaming PC.

Check out the Diablo 4 Blood Harvest donation real-life event trailer below!

We can't help but wonder whose blood will be infused in this Diablo 4-themed monster PC...

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