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Lucky Diablo 4 Player Gets 2 Harlequin Crest Drops in a Row

One exceptionally lucky player managed to get two Shako's in their first two Duriel kills, leaving Diablo 4 players in envy.
Lucky Diablo 4 Player Gets 2 Harlequin Crest Drops in a Row

The Harlequin Crest, aka "Shako," is the best and rarest item in Diablo 4, and one lucky player has managed to get two of them on their first two Echo of Duriel kills...

Lucky might be a bit of an understatement, as there's roughly a 2% chance to get an Uber Unique (1 in 50 kills) when slaying Duriel. Remember that there are several Uber Uniques in the game, so getting Harlequin Crest twice in hundreds of kills is improbable, so finding two in two kills has astronomical odds.

Who Got Two Shako's in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 harlequin crest shako drop uber duriel lucky player
Two Duriel kills, two Shako's. Yes, it is possible! (Picture: SkylarAum/Blizzard)

Taking to Reddit, a player called SkylarAum shared the image above in a thread where they asked, "I've beat Duriel twice solo. I got this both times... My friend tells me it's ridiculous?"

So, as you might have noticed from the image above, the one Harlequin Crest is a perfect roll as well! It's like winning the lotto, then purchasing one more ticket, and winning it again...The mother of Sanctuary must have blessed SkylarAum!

It seems there's a lot of envy from the community, as many have been downvoting the post on Reddit. Some claim it is fake, while others are just plain jealous. SkylarAum states: 

"I’m unfortunately fighting down votes. But my only proof is the screenshots in the thread to my friend, when I got both. No real reason to lie, I just didn’t know how rare it was, considering it happened so easily for me."

As a little disclaimer, you must keep in mind that we have no way to verify SkylarAum's claims, although the images provided do seem legitimate, and IceVeins also reported on the extremely lucky incident. 

We are chalking this one up to extreme, mind-blowing luck. Yes, it can happen, and with millions of Diablo 4 players now being able to target-farm Uber Uniques, it was bound to happen to someone!

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