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Diablo 4 Maintenance Schedule: US & Europe

The dates and times for Europe and the US when Diablo 4's servers go down for maintenance with a complete schedule.
Diablo 4 Maintenance Schedule: US & Europe

Wondering what the exact Diablo 4 weekly server maintenance schedule is in your region (Europe/US) to plan your loot farming expeditions in Sanctuary? Then we've got you covered.

This article outlines the precise start and end times of Diablo 4 planned maintenance for players from both the Europe and US regions. Remember, this is planned maintenance, as Diablo 4 servers going down unexpectedly is entirely different.

Update on 28 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest Diablo 4 maintenance periods.

Diablo 4 Server Maintenance Schedule Dates & Times

Diablo 4 server maintenance schedule weekly planned dates times europe US downtime
Not even Inarius is immune to planned server maintenance in Diablo 4. (Picture: Blizzard)

For the first time since launch, Diablo 4 got an official maintenance schedule in the week starting 26 June 2023. At the time of writing, it is unclear if this will become a weekly schedule, a bi-weekly schedule, or only on certain occasions.

Diablo 4 could undergo maintenance on Tuesdays/Wednesdays (depending on your region) at the times below:

  • Diablo 4 EU Maintenance - Tuesday from 18:00 to 19:00 CEST.
  • Diablo 4 US Maintenance - Tuesdays from 09:00 to 10:00 PDT.

Please note that on some occasions, extended maintenance might occur. This generally happens when Blizzard pushes out a content update or a new season. When this occurs, the maintenance will start at the same time but will last for roughly eight (8) hours.

How To Check Diablo 4 Maintenance Schedule

Diablo 4 server maintenance schedule weekly planned dates times europe US downtime
The developers sharing the planned Diablo 4 maintenance schedule on an official support page. (Picture: Blizzard)

Server maintenance for all Blizzard games, including Diablo 4, fluctuates occasionally, depending on what the developer deems necessary. Furthermore, if everything goes smoothly, we could see no maintenance for some weeks.

While we will endeavor to keep this article updated with the latest Diablo 4 server maintenance schedule each week, we also suggest keeping a close eye on the official Diablo Twitter account, alongside Blizzard Support accounts for Europe and US, which you can find via the links below.

If you are unable to connect to the Diablo 4 servers and reports suggest they are not down, and you are outside the maintenance schedule time for your region, then we suggest contacting customer service

While you wait for Diablo 4 server maintenance to end, why not check out our video below, discussing the expansive world of Sanctuary and its diverse regions?

That's everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 server maintenance schedule in both US and Europe regions. We will endeavor to update this article on a weekly basis to always provide you with the latest information, so you can plan those loot farming sessions.

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