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Diablo 4 Predator Title Removed For Obvious Reasons

Players have noticed that Blizzard has removed the Predator title and replaced it with Enemy for a specific PvP achievement.
Diablo 4 Predator Title Removed For Obvious Reasons

Diablo 4 has undoubtedly been the biggest launch in the franchise's history, and in our opinion, it is a well-deserved achievement since it is the best ARPG we've ever played. Speaking of achievements, well, without prior warning, Blizzard has replaced an achievement reward, and players are noticing. 

Yes, if you previously had the Predator title, you no longer do, and there is no way to earn it. Here's what happened...

Diablo 4 Predator Title Removed & Replaced

Blizzard has been very quick with the Diablo 4 hotfix updates, making the launch and the upcoming transition into Season 1 a smooth affair. While changes are generally outlined in patch notes, the removal and replacement of the Predator title were not.

Gamers started noticing this change. On Reddit, a user going by the name of SpaghettiOnTuesday shared their findings. Basically, an achievement (Enemy of the Region) that used to grant "Serial" and "Predator" as rewards now grants "Serial" and "Enemy." This achievement tasks players with getting 25 kills in PvP (Fields of Hatred).

Diablo 4 predator title remove replace achievement
You will now get Enemy instead of Predator as a reward for slaying 25 players in the Fields of Hatred. (Picture: Blizzard/SpaghettiOnTuesday)

While Blizzard is yet to officially comment on the removal of the title, they probably don't really have to. It is clear that the developer wants to avoid insensitive player titles, especially following previous discrimination claims

To be clear, even if you've previously unlocked this achievement, you will now have the Enemy title instead of Predator. After all, someone running around with the title "Serial Predator" or an even "worse" combination might be a little too edgy for Sanctuary...

Hey, at least I am sure Blizzard won't remove my "Salty Trash" title. Yes, it's not that funny anymore, I know.

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