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All Diablo 4 Rogue Malignant Hearts & Stats Detailed

We share all the details on the Rogue-specific Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 Season 1.
All Diablo 4 Rogue Malignant Hearts & Stats Detailed

Looking for just the Rogue-specific Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 Season 1? Then we've got you covered, so you don't need to sift through all 32 of these powerful new gems to get to the ones you desire.

This article outlines the Malignant Hearts that can only be used by Rogues in Diablo 4 Season 1, which players can farm or craft, so let's get started.

D4 Rogue Malignant Hearts: Stats, Effect & Socket Type

Diablo 4 malignant hearts rogue class specific effects stats range type socket
Cormond can assist you in crafting Malignant Hearts! (Picture: Blizzard)

First up, it is important to note that Rogues can also use the general Malignant Hearts available to all classes. You can either farm these Malignant Hearts out in the open world when encountering corrupted enemies, or you can head into Malignant Tunnels for some great rewards. You can also craft these Malignant Hearts if you have farmed enough Ichor.

There are a total of 12 general Malignant Hearts and four ones specific to each class. Let's take a look at the four Rogue-specific Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 via the table below, including their effects, stats range, and socket types!

Rogue Heart Socket Type Effect/Stats Range
Cluster Munitions Vicious, Offensive Lucky Hit: You have up to a 20% chance to launch 3 Stun Grenades that deal 26-32 Physical damage and Stun enemies for 0.50 seconds.
Trickery Brutal, Defensive When you use a Subterfuge Skill, leave behind an unstable Shadow Decoy Trap that Taunts enemies. The Shadow Decoy Trap will explode after 6.0 seconds dealing 680-1020 Shadow damage. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.
The Clipshot Devious, Utility Lucky Hit: Up to a 20-40% chance for your Cutthroat Skills to Slow by 40% for 3 seconds and your Marksman Skills to Knock Back enemies.
The Vile Apothecary Wrathful, Super Your attacks have a 5-15% chance to apply all Imbuement effects at 40-50% of normal potency.

Remember that these items cannot be traded, so you will have to find or craft them yourself. The Wraftful, super-powered The Vile Apothecary Malignant Heart can only be acquired in World Tier 4, good luck!

Learn more about Malignant Hearts, Tunnels, and corrupted enemies by checking out the official Diablo 4 Season 1 gameplay trailer featuring DiEoxidE below.

That's everything you need to know about Malignant Hearts specific to the Rogue class in Diablo 4 Season 1. If any stats or effects ranges change, we will endeavor to update this article with haste.

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