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Diablo 4 Players Solo Ashava World Boss in Hardcore

Two incredibly skilled Diablo 4 players have killed the beta World Boss, Ashava, alone and in Hardcore mode.
Diablo 4 Players Solo Ashava World Boss in Hardcore

In Diablo 4's Hardcore mode, you lose your character forever if you die. The Open Beta weekend saw well over a million players enter the world of Sanctuary, but few have been brave enough to even attempt to kill the world boss, Ashava, in Hardcore mode...let alone solo.

During our Diablo 4 beta experience, we barely beat Ashava with a few seconds left, with a full group of 11 other players, mostly at level 25, and everyone died quite a few times. Some players, however, are just better...

Diablo 4 Ashava Killed Solo in Hardcore

vidjereii wudijo ashava hardcore world boss kill diablo 4 open beta
One player has managed to kill Diablo 4's World Boss in under four minutes, solo, in Hardcore mode! (Picture: Vidjereii / Blizzard)

Clearly, not all heroes wear capes. 

First off, we have YouTuber Wudijo (you might know this player from Maxroll.gg), who killed Ashava twice in Hardcore mode during the Diablo 4 Open Beta on a Rogue. There were no exploits or tricks used; the player is just THAT skilled, dodging the world boss' attacks with expert precision.

That's impressive, but what about a fast Ashava kill in Hardcore mode?

That's where YouTuber Vidjereii comes in. This player also used a Rogue and managed to beat Ashava on Hardcore mode during the Diablo 4 Open Beta since no one else was even around to attempt this deadly boss.

What is super-impressive is that Vidjereii killed Ashava in under four minutes, while most full groups take that take Ashava down do it just under the 15-minute enrage timer.

Kids, do not attempt this at home. Many Hardcore players die before reaching max level, and even more due to The Butcher, who spawns randomly in dungeons for some "fresh meat."

Killing Ashava on Hardcore should be commended, and killing this massive, powerful world boss solo takes it to the next level.

Yes, these players were geared to the teeth, but remember, they had to get all this gear in Hardcore mode anyway, making these kills highly impressive.

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