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Diablo 4's Soundtrack Includes 'Lilith' By Halsey, BTS' SUGA

Diablo 4's soundtrack will include a song by Halsey and BTS' SUGA. Here's what we know so far about 'Lilith.'
Diablo 4's Soundtrack Includes 'Lilith' By Halsey, BTS' SUGA

Diablo 4 is out now, and with the majorly exciting release of the newest game in the franchise comes a brand new "anthem" for it by Halsey and BTS' Suga called 'Lilith.'

The track was originally released in 2021 as a part of Halsey's album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, and the new re-release includes vocals from BTS' SUGA.

Here's an early teaser for the new version of Lilith:

Halsey's song 'Lilith' shares its name with Diablo 4's most important villain, which could either be an incredibly interesting coincidence or a reference to the character herself. Considering the re-release of the song calls itself the "Diablo 4 anthem," it's pretty likely that the song's lyrics will tie into Lilith's story or perhaps the backstories of some other characters in the game.

It seems like the re-release of 'Lilith' will probably come with a new music video for the song and series as well; what we've seen so far in the preview looks promising, showing a hooded Halsey making her way through a long, candle-lit hall. 

Once Diablo 4 releases in early June, it's likely that the connections between the song, its lyrics, the upcoming music video, and the game itself will become much more clear. For now, we'll just have to wait and see. For fans who are hoping to see Halsey and BTS' SUGA perform the song, it's possible that they'll do so for the very first time together at Summer Game Fest 2023.

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