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How To Unlock Diablo 4 Town Portal & When It Closes

We discuss the Town Portal (TP) in Diablo 4, how you can unlock and use it, and when it closes.
How To Unlock Diablo 4 Town Portal & When It Closes

The Town Portal (TP) has been part of Blizzard's iconic ARPG franchise since the original. In Diablo 4, this fast-travel function returns, but there is one significant change players need to be aware of. That's what our Diablo 4 Town Portal guide is for.

This guide explains how you can unlock and use the Town Portal in Diablo 4 with steps to complete the Missing Pieces quest and why you get a warning that your current TP will close if you leave town.

Update on 14 June 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on the Town Portal in Diablo 4, and its uses.

How To Unlock & Use Town Portal in Diablo 4

diablo 4 town portal TP use unlock missing pieces quest closes leaving town
Where the TP is located on Diablo 4's UI. (Picture: Blizzard)

You don't have access to the Town Portal function in Diablo 4 right from the start. Players first need to complete the game's Prologue and head to Fractured Peaks' central hub, Kyovashad.

From here, you will get the Missing Pieces quest. This short quest provided by Lorath Nahr at the Stables simply tasks you with speaking to a Merchant, buying Lorath's Polearm for 20 Gold, then returning it to Lorath.

Once completed, all functions in Kyovashad will open up, including the ability to use a Town Portal.

The video from the YouTube channel "Quests" above provides a visual guide to complete the Missing Pieces quest, unlocking the Town Portal function.

You can use the Town Portal to, well, return to town. This is handy for quickly finishing up quests by returning to a specific quest-giver in a town or leaving a dungeon, selling your loot, and more.

The Town Portal button is located just to the left of your resource globe in the UI. The default hotkey for PC is "T."

Why Has Diablo 4's TP Closed?

diablo 4 town portal TP use unlock missing pieces quest closes leaving town
Don't leave town unless you want your Town Portal to close. (Picture: Blizzard)

The Town Portal works a bit differently than in previous Diablo entries, where you could use it to go back and forth as much as you like until you cast a new one.

In Diablo 4, your Town Portal will close if you leave a town. Players will get a warning if, for example, they leave Kyovashad, saying that their Diablo 4 Town Portal will close. For example, if you are in the middle of a dungeon but TP out to sell or salvage some gear, you should stay in Kyovashad and head back through the Town Portal to continue. If you venture off outside of the town for any reason, you will receive a warning, and your TP will close, as you can see in the image above.

Learn more about the world of Sanctuary, where you will use Town Portal hundreds if not thousands of times when Diablo 4 launches on 2 June via Early Access.

So there you have it, everything Nephalem needs to know about using the Town Portal (TP) in Diablo 4, why it closes differently from previous entries in the iconic ARPG franchise, how you can unlock it, and more. We will endeavor to update this article if/when any information changes.

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