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Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Tier 25 Attempts From Top Barb

If you want an idea of how difficult Abattoir of Zir Tier 25 is, then check out one of the best Barbarians in Diablo 4 attempting the endgame content.
Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Tier 25 Attempts From Top Barb

Most Diablo 4 fans know by now just how difficult Abattoir of Zir is, even at its lowest tiers. If you are interested in finding out exactly what Diablo 4's Abattoir of Zir Tier 25 (the final one!) looks like, then arguably the best Barbarian player, the legendary Rob2628, has officially started real attempts on it.

Rob2628 Takes on AoZ Tier 25 with Barb

Diablo 4 AoZ Tier 25 Abattoir of Zir Barbarian Barb Rob2628 Whirlwind HotA
There's a lot of grinding to do before the best Diablo 4 Barb can clear AoZ Tier 25! (Picture: Rob2628)

It goes without saying that Rob2628 is a top expert in Diablo 4 and likely the best Barbarian player ever. He has leveled up his Tears of Blood glyph to 52 (max 100 possible) and uses either a Hammer of the Ancients (HotA) or Whirlwind build. 

To be clear, Rob2628 is kitted out to the brim with three Uber Uniques (most players will never see one drop), namely Grandfather, Harlequin's Crest (the most powerful item in the game), and Doombringer.

With all these powerful items and a Tears of Blood glyph at level 52 increasing his Barbarian's damage output, Rob2628 managed to get halfway through the AoZ progress bar before the 10-minute timer ran out...

Diablo 4 AoZ Tier 25 Abattoir of Zir Barbarian Barb Rob2628 Whirlwind HotA
To say this Barb is kitted out to the brim might even be an understatement! (Picture: Blizzard)

Keep in mind that this is after Blizzard nerfed Abattoir of Zir following Diablo 4 community feedback.

This effectively means that he will need to double his damage in order to complete Tier 25 of Diablo 4's tough-as-nails endgame activity. This is theoretically possible but requires a lot of grinding through lower tiers of AoZ to get the Tears of Blood glyph to level 100, or at least close to it.

Rob2628 noted how the monster's health feels overturned, stating:

First real T25 attempts! Monster HP feels currently a bit overtuned, hopefully Blizzard is adjusting this. Will be a hard grind to level the glyph to 100 but super hyped to try clearing T25!

It will be interesting to see who clears AoZ Tier 25 first, but at least it does seem that Barbarians can survive the onslaught, as the player didn't die during his first real attempts.

Check out the video from the best Diablo 4 Barbarian below, attempting an Abattoir of Zir Tier 25 clear!

Who will be the first player to clear AoZ Tier 25 in Diablo 4 Season of Blood? Your guess is as good as ours, but it is clear that the final tiers are for the 1% of the 1% of players...

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