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Diablo 4: How To Complete At Any Cost Side Quest Guide

Are you wondering how to complete the "At Any Cost" side quest in Diablo 4? Learn everything about the Hawezar questline right here!
Diablo 4: How To Complete At Any Cost Side Quest Guide

If you plan on doing all the Hawezar region side quests in Diablo 4, then you will need to complete the "At Any Cost" side quest. Fear not! We will guide you through everything you need to know to conquer it with ease. This quest follows the To Walk a Dark Path questline in Diablo 4, which comprises four parts. So grab your best gear and prepare to destroy everyone standing in your way! Here's how to complete the At Any Cost Hawezar side quest in Diablo 4!

Note: This quest is part 2/4 in the Diablo 4 "To Walk A Dark Path" questline in the Hawezar region. Looking for even more guides? Check out our guides hub -- you won't be sorry!

Diablo 4: How To Complete At Any Cost Hawezar Side Quest


To begin the "At Any Cost" side quest in Diablo 4, you must travel to and enter the Strange Refuge, a Level 61 Dungeon in the Hawezar region of Sanctuary. Once inside, you will need to clear most of the mobs near the entrance. Afterward, you must investigate the Camp Site.

First, interact with the Half-Melted Candles and the Destroyed Cookpot. Then investigate the Dusty Cot, and you will find that there are still no signs of Symon or Elias. You will then hear a Groaning corpse in the corner of the Camp Site. Approach and interact with the corpse. After a short talk, the corpse will turn into an Acolyte of Rathma and attack you.

 Once you defeat this foe, you will be rewarded with the Acolytes Head. With the item in your possession, return to the Melted-Candles. Collect each of them and place them in three different areas on the floor. Once done, you will need to place the Acolytes Head as well.


Once you have placed the Acolytes Head successfully, you will receive a notification asking you to proceed. Interact with the Acolytes Head again to begin the ritual. Once the ritual is complete, you will have completed the "At Any Cost" side quest in Diablo 4. 

Completing the side quest will give you +20 Hawezar Renown, +3000 Gold, and +33,920 Experience. This will also lead you into Part 3 of the questline called "Turbulent Waters."

And that's all. We hope you enjoyed this guide on the "At Any Cost" side quest Diablo 4! For more Diablo 4 content, we have you covered as you try to complete all the Hawezar side quests! We want to extend a special thank you and credit to WoW Quests on YouTube for their complete walkthrough of the "At Any Cost Hawezar" side quest in Diablo 4.

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