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Diablo 4: How To Complete To Walk A Dark Path Side Quest Guide

Want to know how to complete the "To Walk A Dark Path" side quest in Diablo 4's Hawezar region? Find step-by-step instructions and rewards right here!
Diablo 4: How To Complete To Walk A Dark Path Side Quest Guide

If you plan on completing all the side quests of Hawezar in Diablo 4, then you will have to start at the beginning. In this case, that will be the "To Walk A Dark Path" side quest. This guide will go over exactly where you need to go and what you must do to complete To Walk A Dark Path in Diablo 4.

It's worth noting that this side quest is fairly straightforward. That being said, if you're struggling to find your way, we'll be your guiding beacon to reaping those lovely rewards!

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Diablo 4: How To Complete To Walk A Dark Path Side Quest


To start the "To Walk A Dark Path" side quest in Diablo 4, you must first speak to Father Dymus the Zakarum Priest in Zarbinzet. When talking to him, choose the "Is everything alright, Father?" dialog option to start the quest.

Upon doing so, you will have to find the Decaying Farmstead to search for evidence of Symon. The Decaying Farmstead is located to the right of Zabinzet on its border. Once you have traveled there, you will need to wipe out any enemies that are on the prowl.

After killing all the enemies, one of them will drop the Lockbox Key. Take this key all the way to the back of the Decaying Farmstead, where you will find the Forgotten Lockbox. Open it, and you will find a journal page of Symon that details a small record of his journey.


You will now have to travel to Tibaults Grasp to learn more about the fate of Symon. Once there, you must speak to the Frightened Pilgrim to learn more. Ask him if he has seen Symon, and he and his brother will attack you. Defeat them quickly in combat, and they will flee while crying for forgiveness, as they should.

Follow them as they run screaming, and you will find them huddled up, begging for mercy. Next, speak to the Frightened Pilgrim again and ask why he attacked you. He will then tell you that he has been tortured for weeks. Then talk to the Horrified Pilgrim.

After that, speak to the Terrified Pilgrim, where you will learn more about Symons fate. Doing so will complete the "To Walk A Dark Path" side quest in Diablo 4. Upon completion, you will receive the following rewards, +20 Hawezar Renown, +3000 Gold, and +33,920 XP. This will also lead you into Part 2 of the questline called "At Any Cost." 

And that's everything you need to know! We hope that our tips and strategies have been helpful. We want to extend a special thank you and credit to WoW Quests on YouTube for their complete walkthrough of the "To Walk A Dark Path" side quest in Diablo 4.

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