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Diablo 4 Crusaders' Monument Stronghold: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

This guide will show you how to locate, clear, and claim the rewards inside the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4.
Diablo 4 Crusaders' Monument Stronghold: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Are you wondering how to beat the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4? If so, you've struck gold because we have you covered. Each area within Sanctuary contains three primary Strongholds. But today, we will shine a spotlight on the legendary Crusaders' Monument nestled in the untamed Hawezar region.

So prepare to have your mettle tested in this formidable Stronghold in Diablo 4! Towering walls and cunning defenses will stand in your way, demanding unwavering determination and strategic prowess. This guide will detail how to clear the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold, including its location and rewards in Diablo 4.

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Diablo 4: Crusaders' Monument Location Hawezar Region

Diablo 4 Crusaders Monument Stronghold Location
This is the location of the Crusaders Monument Stronghold in Hawezar (Picture:

The Crusaders' Monument Stronghold is located at the border between Kehjistan and the western region of Hawezar, just north of the Umir Plateau. To reach the Stronghold, it is advised to travel to the Zarbinzet Waypoint and proceed northward. Please refer to the map image to visually represent the area and its location.

True to its name, the Crusaders' Monument commemorates past battles fought by the Crusaders. You will encounter a small group of undead enemies gathered around the prominent monument, and engaging and defeating these creatures will mark the beginning of the Stronghold's clearance. So let's delve into the details of this process.

Diablo 4: How To Conquer Crusaders' Monument Stronghold

Diablo 4 Crusaders Monument Stronghold How to clear
To clear the Crusaders Monument Stronghold, players will need to cleanse three Crusader Skulls. (Picture: Blizzard)

Upon successfully eliminating the initial wave of enemies encountered within the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4, make your way to the heart of this area. There, you will discover a sizable Ritual Brazier accompanied by the lifeless body of a Graverobber lying on the ground. Dispatch the group of undead surrounding the brazier, then examine the corpse, leading you to discover a valuable item known as the Crusader's Skull. 

This abandoned monument, dedicated to fallen Zakarum Crusaders, has attracted the attention of opportunistic thieves seeking to profit from the relics. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, the spirit of a deceased Crusader named Sir Trystan materializes from the ground. Mistaking you for yet another graverobber aiming to desecrate the remains of his fallen brethren, Sir Trystan will begin attacking you. 

Swiftly defeat him and then interact with the brazier to purify the skull. As you progress further into the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold, additional spirits and undead creatures will materialize throughout its premises. Your task is to locate more Graverobber corpses, retrieve additional Crusader's Skulls, and cleanse them at the Ritual Brazier to advance the two objective progress bars. 

Diablo 4 Crusaders Monument Stronghold Tips for cleansing and awareness
As you cleanse these skulls, be sure to watch your back for undead enemies and Vengeful Spirits. (Picture: Blizzard)

Identifying the corpses should be relatively straightforward, as they will consistently be surrounded by a group of undead foes. Exercise caution when collecting the skulls, as a sizable congregation of Vengeful Spirits, a weak but dangerous kind of monster, will appear each time. Nevertheless, it is possible to gather all the required skills before returning to the brazier, with a total of three skulls necessary to complete this objective.

Once adequately prepared, return to the vicinity of the brazier and ensure the area is cleared of any threats. Next, interact with the brazier, initiating the process of purifying the skulls. This step needs to be repeated three times in total.

Each purification will summon the spirit of a Crusader boss, who will remain inactive until the ritual is successfully concluded, accompanied by a few Vengeful Spirits. Only after all three skulls have been purified will the boss encounter commence, pitting you against the formidable trio of Crusader Champions—Dame Maryam, Sir Thom, and Sir Morholt.

Diablo 4: How To Beat Crusaders' Monument Champions

Diablo 4 Crusaders Monument Stronghold Boss Crusader Champions
Defeat Sir Thom before the other two Crusader Champions spawn in, then deal with them one at a time. (Picture: Blizzard)

The encounter will commence with Sir Thom being the only active opponent in the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold. The other two champions become active based on the duration of the fight, but Sir Thom can be swiftly dealt with before that happens. One notable attack in his arsenal is a linear shield bash that launches a projectile in a straight line. This attack is easily identifiable with a red marker and can be evaded by simply sidestepping it.

Following Sir Thom, Dame Maryam will join the fray. She primarily uses homing projectiles with limited tracking ability, often getting trapped in a swirling motion around your character without causing much damage. Additionally, she frequently teleports during the fight, but her new location can be easily tracked by observing the soul projectiles flying toward her.

Shortly after Dame Maryam, Sir Morholt enters the battle, resulting in a simultaneous confrontation with both champions. Beware of Sir Morholt's special attack, which releases wave-like energy in a wide, three-pronged pattern in front of him. Once the Crusader champions have been vanquished, descend the steps located to the southeast of the brazier. There, you will discover the Wanderer's Shrine. Interact with it to successfully conquer the Crusaders' Monument, clearing the Stronghold.

Diablo 4: Crusaders' Monument Stronghold Rewards

Diablo 4 Crusaders Monument Stronghold Rewards
Aside from the drops that they will receive, players will also get a boatload of gold, experience, and a hefty sum of Renown for clearing the Crusaders Monument Stronghold. (Picture: Blizzard)

Once you have successfully cleared the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4, you will be rewarded with various benefits. Firstly, you will receive the default reward for completing any stronghold in the game, which is 100 Renown specific to the Hawezar region in this case. Additionally, as you make your way through the Stronghold, you will accumulate a significant amount of gold and experience points.

It is worth noting that while progressing through the Stronghold, you are guaranteed to come across some rare drops, with a chance of obtaining legendary items, albeit less frequently than rare drops. Furthermore, it is important to understand that the items dropped within Strongholds have power levels that are approximately two levels higher than your character.

And with that, we have provided you with a comprehensive overview of the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4. Ensure that you clear this Stronghold at your earliest convenience to obtain Renown, gold, experience, and valuable items, which will aid you in progressing further into Diablo 4's world of Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Crusaders' Monument Stronghold: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where is the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold located in Diablo 4?

The Crusaders' Monument Stronghold is located at the border between Kehjistan and the western region of Hawezar, just north of the Umir Plateau. Travel to the Zarbinzet Waypoint and proceed northward to reach it.

How do I clear the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4?

To clear the Stronghold, defeat the wave of enemies, interact with the Ritual Brazier, and defeat the Crusader boss encounters. Collect and cleanse three Crusader's Skulls by retrieving them from Graverobber corpses and purifying them at the brazier.

What rewards can I expect from clearing the Crusaders' Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4?

Clearing the Stronghold grants 100 Renown for the Hawezar region, a substantial amount of gold and experience points, and a chance to obtain Legendary drops.

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