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Diablo 4 Mounts: Unlock, Customize, Increase Speed

A step-by-step guide to unlocking mounts in Diablo 4, as well as how to customize your steeds in Sanctuary.
Diablo 4 Mounts: Unlock, Customize, Increase Speed

Since 2019, Blizzard has shown off mounts in Diablo 4, allowing players to traverse the huge open regions of Sanctuary with speed. But how do you unlock the mounts feature in Diablo 4, and can you customize your steed?

This article explains how you can unlock/get mounts in Diablo 4 alongside the customization options available to players, so let's mount up and get started.

Update on 17 July 2023: We've updated this article with the latest Diablo 4 mounts information. Safe travels through Sanctuary!

Please note: If you've previously unlocked mounts, you don't have to do so again with a new character in seasons.

Diablo 4 Mounts: How To Unlock & Get More

diablo 4 mounts unlock how to get increase speed customization dismount classes
The Barbarian riding on a standard horse mount in Diablo 4. (Picture: Blizzard)

Sticking to the roads in Diablo 4 allows players to bypass many enemies as they ride toward their quest objectives or maybe to a farming spot! These horses can come in many forms, from undead horses to demonic mounts and more. 

You can get new Diablo 4 mounts in multiple ways in the open-world regions of Sanctuary. For example, slaying certain bosses, finding hidden areas, or even by completing puzzles within the world. One of the ways we've found to get more mounts is by completing Gathering Legions events. You can also purchase different mount types (cosmetic only) from the in-game shop.

Mounts can be unlocked at around levels 33 to 37 once you reach the start of Act IV. You will receive a priority quest called "Mount: Donan's Favor." This quest simply guides you to the Stable Master in Kyovashad, and after speaking to the NPC, you will have unlocked mounts in Diablo 4!

How To Increase Mount Speed in Diablo 4

After playing the game during our Diablo 4 review period, it has become clear that there is no way to increase your mount's speed permanently. However, you can press a button to make your mount speed up, running past groups of enemies with haste.

Diablo 4 Mount Customization Options

diablo 4 mounts unlock how to get increase speed customization dismount classes
You can customize your mounts in Diablo 4 and even increase their speed. (Picture: Blizzard)

Mounts in Diablo 4 can be equipped with various items that change or add to your mount's appearance, for example, a new saddle, or trinkets, such as the head of a fallen enemy.

Diablo 4's mounts are more than just a faster way across Sanctuary. You can look shiny while you are riding, after all. You can add cosmetic visual effects, such as new saddles or trophies, to your mount by visiting the Stable Master.

Check out Wudijo's awesome video below showcasing 20 mounts in Diablo 4.

There will likely be a lot of new cosmetics added in future seasons, and some of these cosmetics can be purchased in the in-game shop.

Dismount Abilities in Diablo 4

Each class has a unique dismount ability in Diablo 4, which you can read about below:

  • Barbarians dismount: Leap from your mount and slam the ground, dealing physical damage.
  • Druids dismount: Leap into the air, shapeshift into a Werebear form, and slam into the ground.
  • Sorcerer dismount: Jump from your mount, turning into an Ice Storm, freezing enemies in your path.
  • Necromancer dismount: Jump from your mount and slam into the ground. Releases a cone of Bone Magic to damage enemies nearby.
  • Rogue dismount: Jump from your mount and fire arrows before hitting the ground.

Check out the Diablo 4 live-action launch trailer in case you haven't seen it yet while dreaming about the different mounts you can ride in Sanctuary.

So there you have everything we know so far about Diablo 4's mounts, how you can unlock them, customization options, increasing your steed's speed, and more. We will endeavor to update this article as soon as more information becomes available. 

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