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Does Diablo 4 Server Slam Progress Carry Over?

Find out if there is any reward for participating in the Diablo 4 Server Slam and if progress will carry over to the launch version of the ARPG.
Does Diablo 4 Server Slam Progress Carry Over?

Wondering if the progress you make in Diablo 4's Server Slam carries over to the launch version or if there will be any reward for participating? Don't worry; we've got you covered! 

In this article, we discuss if Diablo 4 Server Slam progress, either for the Early Access weekend or the weekend afterward, will carry over to the game's launch on 6 June 2023, so let's get started.

Update on 5 June 2023: No progress carries over! Rewards such as the Wolf Pack cosmetic will become available on 6 June 2023 to all who have qualified.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Progress Carry Over To Launch?

diablo 4 open beta progress carry over participation reward
Not even Inarius would think that Open Beta progress for Diablo 4 could carry over to launch. (Picture: Blizzard)

Blizzard has officially confirmed that progress will not carry over from the Open Beta to live version.

While progress will transfer from Early Access to Open Beta weekends, all characters made during these weekends will be deleted once the Beta ends.

We suspect everyone will want to start at the exact same time at launch, on the same footing, with no advantage in the race to world first level 100 for those who happened to play in the Open Beta.

The Diablo 4 Open Beta will feature the entirety of Act 1 and the complete Fractured Peaks region, after all, so that's a whole lot of content to look forward to.

Any Diablo 4 Server Slam Participation Rewards?

diablo 4 open beta progress carry over participation reward
We might see some type of participation reward. (Picture: Blizzard)

Isn't finally playing Diablo 4 enough of a reward? Well, some gamers might still be wondering if there is any kind of rewards for participation since they will not see their progress carry over to the launch version.

In the past, Blizzard has provided cosmetic rewards for participating in Betas for their various titles, so it definitely isn't out of the question. However, at the time of writing, no Diablo 4 Open Beta participation rewards have been revealed just yet. We will update this section if/when Blizzard does reveal such rewards. If we had to take an educated guess, we believe there might be some in-game title for Diablo 4's launch for those who participated in the Open Beta.

While you wait for the Open Beta to begin, check out a recent video from Blizzard showcasing how they built the world of Sanctuary and improved some of the iconic monsters.

So there you have it; there is no indication that Diablo 4 Server Slam progress will carry over. We will endeavor to update this article if anything changes.

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