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Diablo 4 Rare Special Items List

Here are all the Rare Special Items you can get in Diablo 4.
Diablo 4 Rare Special Items List

Diablo 4 offers a staggering amount of ways to power up your character. Whether it's by taking advantage of the Lucky Hit mechanic or equipping the right Legendary Aspects, the game provides a ton of different ways to improve your build. 

Hidden Rare Items are such items that drop with some incredible perks. From a qualityperspective, they are similar to Unique Gear (Diablo 4's version of Legendary). You can get them by slaying unique named monsters. These monsters can be found in Diablo 4's massive open world, and there's only a handful of them in every region. Below is the list of all Rare Special Items in Diablo 4.

All Diablo 4 Rare Special Items

rare special items
Rare Special Items are similar to the game's Unique Items. (Picture: Blizzard)

Ring of Splintered Wood (Ring)

  • Level Requirement: 20
  • Perk 1: +2.0 - 4.5% Poison Damage
  • Perk 2: +18 - 32% Thorns
  • Perk 3: +5.0 - 9.0% Control Impaired Duration Reduction
  • Obtained by: Killing Rotsplinter, The Infested (Wood Wraith)
  • Region: Fractured Peaks, The Pallid Glade (West of Menestad)

Darkblade (Sword)

  • Level Requirement: 15
  • Perk 1: +2.0 - 4.5% Shadow Damage
  • Perk 2: +5.0 - 9.0% Crowd Control Duration Bonus
  • Perk 3: +2.0 - 4.5% Damage over Time
  • Obtained by: Killing Sir Lynna, Disciple of the Dark (Knight Penitent)
  • Region: Fractured Peaks, Frigid Expanse (West of Forsaken Quarry)

Staff of Elemental Command (Staff)

  • Level Requirement: 16
  • Perk 1: +9.0 - 15.0% Lightning Damage
  • Perk 2: +4.0 - 9.0% Fire Damage
  • Perk 3: +4.0 - 9.0% Cold Damage
  • Obtained by: Killing Corlin Hulle, The Multiplicitious (Summoner)
  • Region: Fractured Peaks, Seat of the Heavens (North East of Bear Tribe Refuge)

Mace of Blazin Furor (Mace)

  • Level Requirement: 30
  • Perk 1: +2.0 - 4.5% Fire Damage
  • Perk 2: +2.0 - 4.5% Attack Speed
  • Perk 3: +4.5 - 7.5% Movement Speed
  • Obtained by: Killing "Wrathful Osgar Reede, Unflinching, Unfeeling (Bandit)
  • Region: Fractured Peaks, The Pallid Glade (West of Nostrava)

That's all the Rare Special Items in Diablo 4. We will continue to update this article as we explore other regions of the game and find more Rare Items. 

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