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Diablo 4 Wolf's Honor Ranks, Rewards & Tips

We share tips on how to farm Wolf's Honor reputation quickly in Diablo 4 Season 4, and the full list of Ranks/Rewards.
Diablo 4 Wolf's Honor Ranks, Rewards & Tips

Looking to rank up your Wolf's Honor reputation in Diablo 4 Season 4 as quickly as possible, satisfying the Iron Wolves' needs and getting shiny rewards in the process? Of course you are!

Join us, Nephalem, as we discuss all the Wolf's Honor Ranks and rewards players can earn by participating in Helltides, alongside useful tips on quickly farming this reputation to its maximum rank.

All Diablo 4 Wolf's Honor Rewards & Ranks

Diablo 4 Iron Wolf's honor reputation system ranks rewards tips fast farming
Head to the Iron Wolves Encampment after you've demolished some demons in Helltides. (Picture: Blizzard)

First, a bit of lore text just to get the blood flowing, explaining who the Iron Wolves are in Diablo 4.

The Iron Wolves are a band of noble Mercenaries in the South, seeking to protect the common people of Sanctuary and hold themselves to a higher code of honor than other mercenary companies of similar mettle. Mysteriously, members of their ranks have been dying under suspicious circumstances—seek out the source of this slaughter to earn the Iron Wolves’ favor.

In Diablo 4 Season 4, you farm Wolf's Honor reputation for some fantastic rewards throughout the season, including Unique items!

The table below outlines all 18 Wolf's Honor ranks and subsequent Caches as rewards. The Caches include summoning materials, consumables, and a tonne of gear. You'll also get some Tempering Manuals and even cosmetics as rewards. Check out the rewards per rank below.

Wolf's Honor Rank Diablo 4 Wolf's Honor Reward Caches
Rank 1 Iron Wolves' Weapon Cache
Rank 2 Captain's Gloves Cache
Rank 3 Iron Wolves' Messenger Gear Cache
Rank 4 Traces of the Maiden Cache
Rank 5 Natural Motion Tempering Manual (Magic)
Rank 6 The Iron Wolves' Most Dependable Cache
Rank 7 Glimmering Herb Supply
Rank 8 Iron Wolves' Armory Cache
Rank 9 Iron Wolves Vanity Chest Cache
Rank 10 Natural Motion Tempering Manual (Rare)
Rank 11 Iron Wolves' Heroic Spoils Cache
Rank 12 Putrid Soul Collection Cache
Rank 13 Cages of Hubris Cache
Rank 14 Iron Wolves' Herbalist Hoard Cache
Rank 15 Natural Motion Tempering Manual (Legendary)
Rank 16 Iron Wolves' Final Harvest Cache
Rank 17 Unspeakable Goods Cache
Rank 18 Highest Honors of the Iron Wolves

The final Rank 18 reward also includes one (1) Resplendent Spark, the rarest resource in Diablo 4, used for Uber Unique crafting.

Pro tip:Don't save your rewards for later. The Wolf's Honor gear does not scale depending on which level you open them at. Therefore, the first items will always be regular Legendaries, followed by Sacred and then Ancestral as you move into the final three ranks.

4 Tips For Farming Wolf's Honor Rep in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Iron Wolf's honor reputation system ranks rewards tips fast farming
About to summon the Blood Maiden! (Picture: Blizzard)

You earn reputation with Iron Wolves in Diablo 4 Season 4 by doing just about anything in Helltides, which now spawn every hour on the hour. If you want to farm Wolf's Honor as quickly as possible in Diablo 4 Season 4 to get to Rank 18 and reap all the rewards, we've got you covered with some tips below.

  • Use a Blessing: You can increase your reputation gains by 20% with Wolf's Honor by using four Smoldering Ashes on the season-specific Blessing. To earn four Smoldering Ashes this season, you must be level 53 and reach Battle Pass tier 28. 
  • Profane Mindcages: When you feel up to the challenge, you can use the seasonal Profane Mindcage elixirs, which drop in Helltides. On consumption, Profane Mindcages increases the Helltide Monster Level by 10 and increases the Aberrant Cinder drop rate and Threat gain. If you can farm effectively with a Profane Mindcage active, you can increase your Wolf's Honor reputation extremely quickly. The effect lasts for one (1) hour or until you die.
  • Use a Good Build: Always use your fastest farming build (AOE clearing capabilities), for example, a Dust Devil build with a Barbarian or a Shadow Minion build with the Necromancer. Don't use a boss-farming build with a lot of single-target focus. Check out our Diablo 4 farming and leveling tier list for suggestions.
  • A Solid Plan: When you enter a Helltide, look at where Tortured Chests have spawned, where events are occurring, and where the Accursed Ritual is. Farm Aberrant Cinders to open chests and Baneful Hearts to summon the Blood Maiden. We recommend always moving towards a Tortured chest or event and waiting until you have nine (9) Baneful Hearts to summon the Blood Maiden three times in a row, cutting down on travel time in the process. 

At the time of writing, I'm Rank 16 at level 74 in Diablo 4 Season 4, having spent 11 of the 14 playtime hours in Helltides thus far. If you use your Profane Mindcages often (I didn't) and group up with friends instead of playing alone as I did, I suspect you can reach Rank 18 of Wolf's Honor in roughly 12 hours.

In case you've missed it, check out an informative video from Blizzard below, showcasing the updated Helltide system in Diablo 4 Season 4.

That's everything Diablo 4 players need to know about ranking up their Wolf's Honor reputation as quickly as possible in Season 4. Good luck, Nephalem! 

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