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Diablo 4 Cellar Locations in Scosglen & Rewards

We pinpoint the exact locations of all Cellars in Diablo 4's Scosglen and share our experience with the various rewards for completing these mini-dungeons.
Diablo 4 Cellar Locations in Scosglen & Rewards

While the lands of Scosglen might be untamed and deadly, there's also a lot of shiny loot to gather. That's where the Scosglen Cellars in Diablo 4 come into play, offering a wide variety of loot in this woody region filled with druids. 

Our guide outlines exactly what you can expect in terms of rewards and pinpoint the precise locations of all Cellars in Diablo 4's Scosglen region, so Nephalem can quickly and efficiently clear each one.

All Cellar Locations in Diablo 4's Scosglen

Diablo 4 cellar locations scosglen rewards loot treasure goblins
The locations of all Cellars in Diablo 4's Scosglen zone, waiting to be explored and looted. (Picture:

Finding all the locations of Cellars (26 total) in Scosglen has been made super easy with the awesome resource, which is where the image above was captured from. This leaves nothing up to guesswork as you traverse the landscape.

As always, it is important that we note that Cellars do not provide gamers with any Renown upon completion. We do suggest that you clear them all anyway, as there's potential for fantastic loot drops in these Cellars. We've found that the best method of farming Cellars is to also pick up the Altars of Lilith across Scosglen, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

While you are at it, pick up any Waypoints and clear Strongholds still left standing, it is just more efficient that way!

Diablo 4 Scosglen Cellar Rewards

Diablo 4 cellar locations scosglen rewards loot treasure goblins
Scosglen is filled with mysteries, including 26 Cellars to explore. (Picture: Blizzard)

The loot drops in Cellars are random. That being said, you get more loot depending on which type of Cellar you run into. Cellars can spawn normal mobs/elites, or there can be an event inside. You can expect increased rewards from events, but from our experience, you always get some nice Gold, XP, crafting materials, and at least Rare items. 

There's a small chance they can randomly be a loot cave filled with Treasure Goblins to kill! If you are lucky enough to see one of these spawn in a Cellar, expect many Legendary items to drop! Depending on the World Tier you are playing in, these rewards can also be of Sacred or even Ancestral quality, and there's a small chance of a Unique item dropping.

Taking a break from clearing Cellars in Diablo 4? Then why not check out our video below, focusing on all the diverse regions of Sanctuary?

With all the exact locations of Cellars in Diablo 4's Scosglen region sorted you should have no issue completing them all, hopefully, for some great rewards! Good luck, Nephalem! If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article faster than a Treasure Goblin runs away from a Barbarian...

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