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Diablo 4 Scosglen Guide: Map, Dungeons, Strongholds & More

Explore the home of the Druids with our breakdown of the Scoslgen area in Diablo 4, including its map details, points of interest, and more.
Diablo 4 Scosglen Guide: Map, Dungeons, Strongholds & More

Home to the powerful and mysterious Druids, the Scosglen area of Diablo 4's world of Sanctuary is a harsh area featuring dense forests, tall mountains, and an ominous environment. However, it's also home to several sought-after items, abilities, NPCs, vendors, and so much more. 

So if this area is up next on your journey through Sanctuary, then keep reading. Below we will cover everything you need to know about the Scosglen area in Diablo 4, from its Map locations and POIs to its challenging but rewarding dungeons and strongholds.

Update on 7 July 2023: We've updated this article with any new information and details for Diablo 4's Scosglen region.

Diablo 4 Scosglen Overview & Lore

Scosglen, situated in the northeastern region of Sanctuary, serves as the ancestral homeland of the Druids, a group of nature-oriented warrior-poets. The landscape of Scosglen is themed after the real-life location of Scotl and takes inspiration from highlands and moors characterized by rough terrains, including rocky highlands and dense, eerie forests.

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide overview and lore
Scosglen is home to the Druids and features dense forests and tall mountains hiding secrets and dangers alike. (Picture: Blizzard)

The centerpiece of Scosglen is the majestic oak tree called Glór-an-Fháidha, which holds great significance for the Druids, providing them with wisdom and guidance.

Here is the official description of the area provided by Blizzard's developers:

The untamed lands of Scosglen are as verdant as they are deadly. Those who get lost in the woods seldom return, their screams muted by spine-chilling howls. The druids who dwell here will do anything to protect their way of life, including risking the loss of their humanity to unleash the beast within.

However, be prepared, as uncovering the hidden secrets of the Druids within Scosglen will not be an easy task. The untamed and beautiful landscape poses challenges, and you should not underestimate the region simply because of its tranquil appearance. The presence of Demons, Drowned creatures, and Phantoms will test your survival skills, adding a layer of danger to the seemingly serene surroundings.

Scosglen Location in Sanctuary

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide Map area Location
Scosglen is the northernmost area of Sanctuary. (Picture: Blizzard)

As you can see in this image, Scoslgen is the region in the far north of Sanctuary and features a long coastline that runs along the Frozen Sea. To the south of this area, you'll find both the Dry Steppes and Fractured Peaks regions of the game. 

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map & All POI

Below you can see all of the major locations, such as dungeons, Waypoints, strongholds, and more, featured in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4. These areas are not randomly generated, meaning that all players will be able to discover these locations as the map does not change. 

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide POIs and details
Above are all the points of interest you can find in Scosglen. (Picture: Blizzard)

By noting these locations, you'll be able to work your way through the Scosglen area with efficiency and plan a route to explore and loot the locations as you move through them. 

Scosglen Unique Materials

Every region in Sanctuary contains a rare material or resource that players can use to craft new items or gain more power. Scoslgen is known for being the only area where Howler Moss grows, which suits the area as its moist and humid weather is prime for moss to grow in. 

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide Howler Moss Unique material
Howler Moss is a unique material that can only be found in the damp regions of Scosglen. (Picture: Blizzard)

Howler Moss is a unique herb that players can use to craft potions, elixirs, and incense. Be sure to grab it while you're there and use it to brew some useful concoctions. 

Scosglen Content: Dungeons, Strongholds & Side Quests

Similar to all the areas in the game, Sosglen features dungeons, strongholds, and side quests that players can complete to earn rewards, experience, and the new reputation currency called Renown. In addition, there are also various Altars of Lilith that you can find, which will grant you permanent stat increases that are vital to any build. 

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide Content dungeons strongholds and side quests
Scosglen features various dungeons, side quests, and strongholds to explore and loot for their secrets and treasures. (Picture: Blizzard)

So below, we've listed an overview of all the content areas available to discover and clear in the Scosgeln area of Diablo 4: 

  • Waypoints: 8
  • Strongholds: 3
  • Side Quests: 47
  • Side Dungeons: 25
  • Altars of Lilith: 34

Additionally, they are also 70 areas that can be discovered, which will push the progression of the plot forwards as well as give you access to other items, enemies to slay, and possible NPCs to find. Lastly, be sure to check your region progress by opening the Map and then decide how many Side Quests and Dungeons you still need to collect all available Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Paragon Points.

All Diablo 4 Scosglen Waypoints

As previously stated, the Scosglen Region offers a total of 8 Waypoints that grant players the ability to fast travel, a valuable tool considering the dangers of traversing this large and expansive area. Thanks to the informative resource provided by Maxroll.gg, the following list outlines the 8 Waypoints available for discovery in the Dry Steppes:

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide Waypoints and their uses
Waypoints can be strategically used to traverse Scosglen and make exploration and looting much easier. (Picture: Blizzard)
  • Braestaig Waypoint - "Located in town, southwestern part of Wailing Hills."
  • Cerrigar Waypoint - "Located in town, southeastern part of The Downs."
  • Corbach Waypoint - "Located in town, the central part of the Strand."
  • Firebreak Manor Waypoint - "Located in Firebreak Manor."
  • Marowen Waypoint - "Located in town, the western part of Northshore."
  • Tirmar Waypoint - "Located in town, southern part of The Shrouded Moors."
  • Tur Dulra Waypoint - "Located in Stronghold once cleansed of evil."
  • Under the Fat Goose Inn Waypoint - "Located in town, northwestern part of Highland Wilds."

Scosglen Stronghold Locations in Diablo 4

Strongholds are event areas occupied by different enemies that must be defeated to convert the stronghold into a friendly part of the Region. Usually, once a Stronghold is purged of enemies, it transforms and becomes a player-friendly town. However, there are situations where it may instead become a dungeon, presenting further challenges.

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide All Strongholds location
There are three Strongholds that you can find in the region of Scosglen. (Picture: Blizzard)

In the Scosglen region, there are three strongholds that players need to locate and clear. To assist you in your journey, the following are the listed locations of these strongholds.

  • Hope’s Light – Located in the Northern part of the Region.
  • Moordaine Lodge – Located in the Eastern part of the Region.
  • Túr Dúlra – Located in the Western part of the Region.

Upon successfully capturing a Stronghold in Diablo 4, players will receive area-specific Renown Points as a reward. However, the benefits of completing a Stronghold go beyond just Renown. Players may also unlock a range of world rewards, including access to new dungeons, quests, and Waypoints.

Certain Strongholds may even offer shortcuts to other areas as a completion reward, introducing new opportunities for exploration. Players can look forward to interacting with new NPCs that emerge as the Stronghold is conquered. Moreover, completing a Stronghold can trigger the arrival of fresh vendors, the discovery of fragments of lore, or the unveiling of paths leading to other Altars of Lilith.

Scosglen Central Town: Cerrigar

Cerrigar serves as the primary bustling town hub within the Scosglen, boasting a significant size and hosting numerous NPCs to interact with. It features a convenient waypoint that enables swift travel within the region. The town's central area is particularly notable as it houses essential vendors such as:

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map Guide Cerrigar central town
The central town of Scosglen is Cerrigar, and it features various important vendors and NPCs. (Picture: Blizzard)

It is worth mentioning that utilizing the town portal while in Scosglen will consistently teleport the player back to Cerrigar, ensuring a reliable return point for further adventures. And of course, if more precise and vital details about Scosglen become available, this article will be updated accordingly to provide the most accurate information. 

For a more in-depth understanding of Diablo 4's expansive realm of Sanctuary, encompassing diverse regions such as Scosglen, then we recommend watching the accompanying video below.

So there you have it, a comprehensive overview of the currently known information about the Scosglen region in Diablo 4. Covering its location within the world of Sanctuary, the presence of dungeons and Strongholds, and notable features like side quests and the central town hub.

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