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Diablo 4: How To Complete A Price To Pay Side Quest Guide

Do you love exploring side quests? Me too! Here's how to complete A Price To Pay in Diablo 4's Hawezar region.
Diablo 4: How To Complete A Price To Pay Side Quest Guide

Having traversed the challenging realm of Hawezar, your journey has led you to the second segment of The Heretic questline: A Price To Pay in Diablo 4. But the question remains: how can you progress this side quest and unravel the dark mysteries? Don't worry! This guide will be your guiding beacon.

Continue reading to learn exactly how to complete the "A Price To Pay" side quest in Diablo 4 right here. To recap, the last quest had you travel to Zarbinzet, where you initiated Vass to find Aneta. After conquering the demons along the way and within the Forgotten Cave, the story continues, and the plot thickens.

Note: This quest is part 2/3 in the Diablo 4 "The Heretic" side questline in the Hawezar region. Looking for even more guides? Check out our guides hub.
The Heretic Questline: Diablo 4

Diablo 4: How To Complete A Price To Play Side Quest

The first thing you will need to do is speak with Vera. You'll have to travel to Zarbizet, where you'll find Vera in her home. Speak to her and inform her that Aneta has run away. Vera will be less than concerned at this revelation.


Soon, you will hear a hushed voice beckoning you. Your task now is to find the source of this hushed voice. To the left of the house, outside, you will find Suzana. She will be unwilling to speak at the house, so you will have to follow her.

Suzana will then lead you to the left of the town, where you will have to speak to her again. She will inform you that you are the only one trying to help Aneta. Then, she will give you the task of searching the homes for a book about folk remedies.

The first book you will find is not what you are looking for, but you will have to find it nonetheless. The book Greenslade's Tales can be found in the house on your left heading down the road from Suzana. Simply read it and continue exploring the A Price To Play quest in Diablo 4.


The book you are looking for is to the left of Capek. It is called Wejinhani Dispensatory. The description reads: "An ancient book describing the medicinal uses of common flora and fauna found in Hawezar." After reading this book, you must head out to the Blind Burrows.

Once there, you will find Aneta in less-than-optimal condition. To help her, you will now have to enter the Blind Burrows and collect eight Spider Vemon. Once inside, you will be assaulted by spiders. Kill these spiders to get the Spider Venom drops. 

You will also have to Slay the three Infected Villagers nearby. The spiders are not too challenging,  so take your time and collect the Spider Vemon one skirmish at a time. The Infected Villagers are a bit tougher and more powerful than the spiders but are still nothing to write home about.


Now that you have wiped the dungeon and collected enough Spider Venom, head outside. Here, you will have to boil the Spider Venom. Once boiled, speak to Aneta, after which Gulyas will appear to inform you that Aneta is not actually cursed.

This will complete the "A Price to Pay" Hawezar side quest in Diablo 4. For completing this side quest, you will receive 33,600 XP, 3000 Gold, and 20 Hawezar Renown. Now that you have completed Part 2 of The Heretic questline in Diablo 4, all that's left is to continue with Part 3: Poisoned Hearts.

We want to extend a special thank you and credit to WoW Quests on YouTube for their complete walkthrough of this questline in Diablo 4. 

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