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Diablo 4: How To Complete The Heretic Side Quest Guide

Having a tough time navigating Hawezar? Learn how to complete The Heretic side quest in Diablo 4 right here!
Diablo 4: How To Complete The Heretic Side Quest Guide

Need some help to progress the Hawezar side quests in Diablo 4? We get it. Traversing this tough region of Sanctuary can be daunting, especially if done on your own. But rest assured; we've got your back, adventurer! The Heretic side quest in Diablo 4 is the questline that begins immediately after completing "To Walk A Dark Path."

However, the burning question many players want to know is how to complete it. After all, the compelling Renown and XP earned for conquering them certainly makes the expended effort worthwhile. Better still, the Diablo 4 Hawezar side quests feature an exciting story element, which we personally love so much.

Note: This quest is part 1/3 in the Diablo 4 "The Heretic" side questline in the Hawezar region. Looking for even more guides? Check out our guides hub. You won't be sorry!
The Heretic Questline: Diablo 4

How To Complete The Heretic Side Quest In Diablo 4


The first thing you will want to do is travel to Zarbinzet. Once there, seek out Vass and talk to him. Choose the "You sound troubled" dialog option to learn about the evil horrors roaming the lands and killing people. After receiving this troubling information, you must search for survivors at The Abandoned Ruins.

Once you've navigated to the area, you will encounter several demons that you must put down. Proceed to slay all the fiends in the vicinity. Once slain, you can interact with what seems to be crispy humans. These Ashen Figures will crumble at your touch and cannot be saved.

Afterward, a frightened girl will accuse you of being a demon and run away. To continue The Heretic side quest in Diablo 4, you will now have to track her down. After tracking the girl (Aneta), interact with her and select the "I'm not going to hurt you" dialog option. She will follow you and ask you to collect three plants. The_Heretic_3

The first plant you will need to find is the Singed Plant. Interact with it for it to drop a Singed Daisy. You will then have to explore the area with Aneta as she looks for more plants. The second plant you will encounter is the Dying Plant. Upon interacting with it, you will receive the Dying Rose

After collecting these flowers, you must battle a few minor enemies. After vanquishing them, you will receive the Withered Plant. Interact with this plant to get the Withered Delphinium. This will make Aneta very happy and thankful that she met you, and rightfully so. Now you will have to escort her safely back to Zarbinzet.

After defeating a few enemies along the way, you should be good to go. Return Aneta safely back to her mother in Zarbinzet. Next, speak with Aneta in her mother's presence and choose the "Don't forget your flowers" dialog option. You thought you had completed The Heretic Hawezar side quest? Wrong! This is only the start of The Heretic side quest in Diablo 4.


Now you will have to head to the Forgotten Cave. Here, you will find Vass and his friends harassing Aneta. Vass will then run away as Aneta lets out flames from within that will turn his friends to ash and draw out some demons. Your task? Defeat the newly summoned monsters in the cave.

Once the coast is clear, speak with Aneta again. She will run away sobbing. This will complete the first part of "The Heretic" side quest in Diablo 4. The next part of this questline is "A Price To Pay." Your rewards for completing this stage of the questline are 3600 Gold, 58,800 XP, and 20 Hawezar Renown.

We want to extend a special thank you and credit to WoW Quests on YouTube for their complete walkthrough of this questline in Diablo 4. 

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