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Diablo 4: How To Complete By Three They Come Side Quest Guide

Searching for how to complete the By Three They Come quest in Diablo 4? You're not alone! Here's how to complete this Hawezar side quest!
Diablo 4: How To Complete By Three They Come Side Quest Guide

Are you searching for a way to complete the "By Three They Come" side quest in Diablo 4? If so, you've struck gold. So, grab your best gear and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Sanctuary as we unravel the secrets of the Hawezar region's "To Walk A Dark Path" questline in Diablo.

In this guide, we'll walk you through Esret's gloomy chapel, encounter Elias's elusive traces, and face the terrifying Level 60 boss Blood Echo in an epic battle. With our easy-to-follow steps, you'll learn how to complete the By Three They Come quest in Diablo 4 with ease. If you're ready, let's dive right in!

Note: This quest is part 4/4 in the Diablo 4 "To Walk A Dark Path" questline in the Hawezar region. Looking for even more guides? Check out our guides hub. You won't be sorry!

Diablo 4: How To Complete By Three They Come Side Quest


To start this, you will have to travel to Esret, which is where you will find Sev waiting for your arrival. Interact with Sev and complete his dialog options. Afterward, you will have to head into the Esret Chapel. You may find a few enemies around the chapel, but it's nothing too serious, and you should be able to clear the mobs easily.

Once inside the chapel, you will see a hole in the back. Interact with it to enter the Halls Of Dark Portent. Here, you will have to search for traces of Elias. In addition, you will find the ritual site and the sealed door from the fabled Diablo 4 cinematic.

As you progress through the Diablo 4 By Three They Come quest, you will discover a way to venture through the door by destroying it. When you do this, several enemies will start to rush you. You will have to kill the summoned Ghouls first before being able to damage the door further.


After every wave of Ghouls is killed, the door will become vulnerable to attack again. This will happen in three waves. After defeating all the waves, you will be able to break through to the door. After that, you will have to investigate the room beyond.

Once inside, you will find the ritual site where Lilith was summoned in Diablo 4, and after further investigation, a Level 60 Blood Echo will appear for battle. After a successful battle, you will need to head over to Symons' corpse. Interact with his corpse to receive Symons' Tattered Journal.

Now all you need to do to complete the By Three They Come side quest in Diablo 4 is to return the journal to Father Dymus. He will be waiting for you in Zarbinzet. Once there, inform him of Symons' demise and ask him to bless you. You will receive 59,360 XP, 3600 Gold, and 20 Hawezar Renown for completing the quest.

This concludes our guide to the By Three They Come side quest in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4 and marks the end of the Dark Path questline. We want to extend a special thank you and credit to WoW Quests on YouTube for their complete walkthrough of this questline in Diablo 4. 

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