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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Power Rangers x Street Fighter short film announced

In a collaboration with the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game, the Street Fighter team is once again melding with the Rangers for a literal cinematic showdown. Bat in the Sun, a self-contained music and production company best known for its short films based around the DC universe, recently released a trailer for its newest project. Dubbed Power Rangers Street Fighter Showdown, the short film is expected to air this fall. The trailer gave a short look into the film’s story, as well as divulged some important information for viewers in its video description.In the trailer, Street Fighter’s very own Chun-Li and Ryu meet up with the Green and Yellow Rangers to defeat M. Bison, who has risen once again due to Rita Repulsa’s evil powers (much to Ryu’s astonishment). It is also revealed that Bison has taken control over the remaining Rangers with his Psycho Power, leaving saving the world up to the four of them. Ryu also receives his own Power Coin, suggesting that audiences will see a Ryu Ranger as the show progresses. This ranger is already available in the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game the series is promoting--as for the rest of the Street Fighter cast, little is known.The video’s description gives viewers a bit more to chew on. Starring Jason David Frank of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Ciara Hanna of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Ryu and Chun Li find themselves sucked into the Morphin Grid. After being presented with his very own Power Coin, here dubbed the Crimson Hawk Power Coin, the Street Fighters team up with the Green and Yellow Rangers to take on Bison and Rita. This trailer comes in the wake of another announcement: the Ryu Ranger is now available in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. In the mobile game, Ranger Ryu can utilize the power of the Satsui no Hadou to use the strength of a hawk. In his Ranger form, Ryu has new, superpowered versions of his normal moves, such as the Sokuto Rush, Taka Tatsumaki, and Taka Hadouken. With these developments in mind, it isn’t out of the question to suspect that Chun Li will likewise receive a Power Coin, or for other members of the fighting game’s cast to join the rest of the squad within the film. Will they be under the influence of Bison’s Psycho Power, or will they unite with their friends to defeat the Bison/Rita tag team and restore peace to the Morphin Field?