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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Tokido: "I seriously think about how I can become stronger every day."

Tokido's path to winning the second ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter V invitational was not without roadblocks. In his group play, Tokido had to take down the likes of JB, Luffy, and the man who defeated him at last year’s Capcom Cup: MenaRD. But from there on, Tokido made short work most of his playoff opponents. He even easily took down his personal demon Daigo Umehara. Except for the bracket reset against Smug, Tokido looked to have the same dominance at ELEAGUE that’s he’s been displaying since Evo 2017. After he won the Invitational, I caught up with Tokido to discuss his win, how he’s been staying in top form, and if he thinks he finally has Daigo’s number. GINX Esports TV: Your run through ELEAGUE’s playoffs until the Grand Finals was pretty dominant, like your performance in the Capcom Pro Tour has been this year. What do you think has been allowing you to be so commanding? Tokido: I seriously think about how I can become stronger every day. I’m pretty sure ELEAGUE was your first match with Punk since Evo. Despite it being a different matchup, Punk on Cammy, do you think Punk has grown or evolved since Evo? I believe that Punk is regaining his confidence little by little. I think he has good instinct, so the only limitation right now is time. In the past, Daigo has been a demon of yours but in the Playoffs of ELEAGUE you took him down with commanding efficiency. Do you think you finally have a read on Daigo’s Guile? I feel that I can beat Daigo if it's just a first-to-three set. Your playoffs run was dominant until you hit Smug in the Grand Finals. He seemed to make quick work of you in the first set. Was this mainly due to matchup unfamiliarity with Boxer or did Smug just have your number? The matchup is in Akuma's favor, but I think Smug is a great player. I don't face as many Boxers since Season 3 began so I hesitated in the beginning. After the reset there was a 3 minute commercial break. The FGC on Twitter was kind of in an uproar over that. How do you feel about there being such a long break after the reset? Coming from a player's perspective, you can return to character selection during normal tournaments and take some time, so I wasn't too worried. The people around me probably want to see the match start ASAP, so there's probably a lot of discussions about it. ELEAGUE is very unique compared to the other events you participate in throughout the year. Do you enjoy a more long-term event where you have more prep time for your opponents? I'm actually not fond of extensively preparing for one player or match up, so this event was a good opportunity to tackle something I dislike. My training partners were a big help in preparation for this event. Looking forward in the season, there is one Premier between now and Evo - VSFighting in London, England. Are you planning on going to VSFigthing? I'm considering going to London. I want to visit places I've never been to before.