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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Cody breaks out of jail and into Street Fighter V

Cody Travers was yesterday added to Street Fighter V as a playable character.  Available through DLC, Cody is the new Mayor of Metro City and one of the series’ most anticipated fighters. Once a vigilante in Capcom’s Final Fight franchise, he was falsely imprisoned from the Alpha series into SFIV. Now, Cody wears a suit and tie, and brings justice to Metro City as its Mayor in his own way – by fist, pipe and knife. He's not the only new addition to the game. Cody's release was accompanied by a balance patch, bringing important changes to a whole host of other characters. Before we get into that, though, let's take a look at how this version of Cody differs from his previous incarnations.

Believe it or not, he's pretty busy

Cody has undergone both major changes and serious throwbacks in SFV. His animations hail directly from his Final Fight days, with an outfit to match. His transformation throughout his lifetime is duly noted in his character story, where he recognizes that he can no longer dole out punishment just by flinging fists. Now, Cody is more refined, no longer throwing rocks to disarm his opponents. He now starts without his knife, which behaved much like Vega’s claw and mask in the game’s previous iterations. Instead of being available throughout the fight, it is now exclusive to V-Trigger One, which affords him a slew of new special moves. His V-Trigger 2 is similar, arming him with a pipe, with which he can bat rocks at enemies much like a baseball bat and beat them over the head. While Cody’s V-Triggers afford his moveset greater variety, his normal animations have received criticism and praise in equal measure. His standing light kick was especially noted as being stiff. And although it is a direct copy of his move from Final Fight, its rigidity doesn’t seem to mesh with SFV’s more fluid motions. Adding to the list of changes, his Criminal Upper is now a Critical Art instead of a special move. Cody’s anti-air V-Skill even drains some of his health meter, also à la Final Fight. However, it is recoverable, as it falls under the white health umbrella--just be sure not to get hit after using this move! Cody Firing A Projectile Like many of SFV’s new characters, Cody relies on building up his V-Trigger to deal damage and truly amp up his playstyle. His tornado projectile provides him with decent space control, since he is without his Bad Stone move, and his 4-hit target combo presents an easy way to pressure opponents. Cody is a force to be reckoned with once he pops V-Trigger: Metro City’s newest Mayor is at his best with a pipe or knife in hand. Seems that he still has some of his old self underneath that crisp suit!

Balance patches and buffs

Cody wasn’t the only update that rolled out on the 25th. A balance patch was likewise introduced to the game, which made some adjustments to a few of SFV’s characters. Most notable on this list of changes were Menat’s Critical Art, making it easier to cancel from her normal attack Soul Sphere. Now, her CA can be input in advance while she has her crystal ball, making the timing of the input less strenuous. Ryu likewise received a buff toward his Critical Art; Previously, Ryu was unable to cancel into Shinku Hadouken from Shoryuken as his V-Trigger ran out. Now, Ryu can cancel from this move safely at any time during the match. Falke Aside from Critical Arts, some characters were given adjustments to their normal moves and V-Triggers. Akuma’s previous hurtbox timing on light Gohadouken contrasted that of its medium and heavy iterations; now, each strength of the move has the same hurtbox timing, rendering the move safer, as before the hurtbox was coming out too quickly. Kolin also received some changes to a normal attack. While she was unable to before, she has now been granted the ability to cancel the final hit from her move Frost Spike into her V-Trigger, Diamond Dust. Menat’s V-Skill, Soul Reflect, is also able to cancel from her normal move Soul Sphere, whereas before it wouldn’t come out upon activation. Other changes that the patch implemented were largely based around glitches, fixing “phenomena” where characters would float in the air after activating their Critical Art or executing normal moves. Characters who experienced these glitches included Falke, R. Mika, and Laura, respectively. Now, players can utilize the entirety of their movesets without fear of a bug.

Season three continues

Alongside these changes came the implementation of the new Survival Mode and Menat’s Shop. Some of the Battle Goods released in this mode have been nothing short of hilarious – Gill’s golden loincloth, for example. Some have been throwbacks to previous characters in the series, including Elena’s bracelets and Sodom’s facemask. Users have been able to purchase Cammy’s Cannon Spike costume and a special, metallic color for all characters, as well. All in all, it seems that SFV’s latest update brings good changes to its gameplay, with new features and a brand-new character, to boot. Cody is free to use until June 27th at 5:00 PM PDT – be sure to give him a trial run before time runs out. And stop by Menat’s Shop to pick up the latest Battle Goods – but I would stay away from Gill’s underwear, if I were you.