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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Infiltration: "I kind of don't want to meet any of these players!"

Despite an early exit from Evo this year, PandaGlobal’s Seonwoo “Infiltration” Lee still holds a strong position in the Capcom Pro Tour’s standings, sitting at fourth in the global rankings. Infiltration struggled last season as he had a character crisis with the Nash nerfs and couldn’t always make Juri work. In Season Three, however, Infiltration has found a lot of success with Menat as many players struggle versus his slow zoning style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGud13SzM8o Ginx’s Amanda Stevens was able to catch up with Infiltration at EVO and discuss the community hate towards Menat, what it is like playing for PandaGlobal, and how he’s staying fit despite all the travel. You play Menat, which not a lot of people are excited to watch. Do you care at all about how the community views the character or do you just want to win? Menat is a character that is very difficult to use but has a lot of upsides. People might feel that Menat isn’t very fun to watch but I hope that they will play the character more, learn about her abilities and come to like her more. You’re now on PandaGlobal and you were previously with Razer. What’s it like working with a new organisation? How are they treating you? When I was with Razer, they were a company that made products and has an esport team on the side. Meanwhile, PandaGlobal only does esport stuff, they’re an esports team. They do a lot of events and things after events. For example, I did an event afterwards where I was playing Smash, doing a fan-meet, signing things. Things like that. There are a lot more events being involved with PandaGlobal. Talking about more events: With the changes to the Capcom Cup, you can’t pick and choose which events you want to go to. You have to go to a lot more in order to qualify for the Capcom Cup. Do you like the new system? Definitely. With the changes to the Capcom Cup system, Capcom made it so that to accumulate a lot of points, you have to win a Premier-level tournament. For example, in the old system, a player in South America could play in a lot of South American events and not go to any global events and still be able to accumulate a lot of points. But now, with the change in the system, you have to go to premier events that are global and you really have to win at those events to get a lot of points. The winners are the ones who get a lot of advantages. For me personally, because I won a premier event earlier in the year, I can pick and choose more of those events and choose to rest. If other players have an issue with the system and scheduling, Capcom will most likely listen to their feedback and make an adjustment based on that. Travelling has to be physically and mentally hard for you. Especially travelling out from Korea to these events in the US and England for VS Fighting. How do you make sure that you stay healthy and stay in top condition while you’re doing all this travelling? Previously when my first team was an amateur team, I would go to events and I would just endure a lot of the difficulties. Fly in the night before, try to get as much sleep as possible, and just work hard and win on skill alone. Nowadays, starting last year, a lot of players are trying to really take care of themselves. So for example, I exercise a lot, lost a lot of weight, start eating right. A lot of players are doing the same thing. They fly in a few days before the event to get a good amount of rest. That’s kind of the big thing about maintaining your condition. Who is somebody when you see the bracket you go “Oh my god, how did I get screwed over playing this guy"?  With the players on the circuit recently, all of them are very strong. There’s no specific player that I go “Oh this is kind of an easy bracket”. I kind of don’t want to meet any of these players! So if I had to pick a couple of players I didn’t want to meet in the bracket it’d be Korean players. I want to meet them in the grand finals and show people the talent of Korean players. Probably the most difficult players to play against are the amateur and relatively unknown players. There’s not a lot of info on them so it’s hard to scout them so they’re the hardest to prepare for.