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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Problem X: "I wanted to process everything that I just witnessed."

At Evo 2018, Amanda Stevens caught up with Benjamin "Problem X" Simon following his historic win to discuss Street Fighter V, his feelings in his greatest moment and whether it's coming home. If you can't watch the video, the transcription is below for you to read through what exactly happened. https://youtu.be/ZRXi4mzkGaE You just won EVO! Beating Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, last year’s champion - how does it feel? It still hasn’t even sunk in yet! It does feel amazing, and I’m happy to have done it in the top eight with Bison, on Bison stage. It all tops it off, so I’m really happy. It looked a little shaky for you heading towards the reset. Did you at any point feel like it was slipping through your fingers? No, because we’ve never played in Street Fighter V in a tournament, and I know the matchup quite well. So I feel like we were kind of figuring each other out; seeing what he’s going to punish and what he’s not - warm to each other, if you will. So when I lost the first set, I got the data that I needed and I’m sure he got some data as well, so I was confident. I just had to compose myself so I went back to Character Select. I didn’t just want to hit Rematch, I wanted to process everything that I just witnessed. I was calm. The UK scene - all your boys - rushed the stage. Was that when it hit you? You looked a little stunned up until that point. Tokido last year won EVO from the losers’ [bracket] against Punk (Victor "Punk" Woodley). When he reset the bracket, even though I was calm I was thinking, “Not like this,” because he’s done it before. So when I won, it just took...it still hasn’t sunk in! But yeah, I felt like everything was sinking into place. I saw the bracket and I didn’t get Guile – As everybody knows how much you hate Guile! Yeah, I hate Guile. I was like, “I can win this, I got the matchups!” The Fuudo [Keita “Fuudo” Ai] had me scared... that one had me scared. So you’ve won EVO, which has given you quite a decent chunk of points for the Capcom Pro Tour. Are you going to take this opportunity to take a little break from the tour, and let yourself just enjoy the win - or are you back on the grind immediately? I said to Logan (Logan Sama) ages ago at the end of last year that this year I’m aiming for 3000 points. I didn’t even know what the point system was, so it sounded outlandish then! I think I’m going to keep going for 3000. Is there anything else you want to say to the UK fans? Is it coming home? Yeah, it’s coming home – today, man’s definitely hot! Big shoutout to my family, mousesports and everyone in the UK scene who trains and practises with me. Big shoutout to Matthew Edwards, the community manager for Capcom, who lets us play at Winner Stays On sessions and gives us offline events, that really helps. Big shoutout to Logan, F-Word (Femi Onofeta), everybody... you know, there’s too many names to mention! Obviously big shoutout to my girlfriend, who stays up sleeplessly just watching me - I think she’ll be grateful it’s over now so she can finally go to sleep! But yeah, just everyone. There’s too much.