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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

SFV’s new Survival Mode brings more single-player content

SFV’s New Survival Mode Brings More Single-Player Content With a slew of new costumes and rewards for Survival Mode, SFV brings a fresh perspective to its previously lacking single-player experience. The Capcom-Unity blog released a post in June 19 that detailed new additions to SFV’s Survival Mode. This update includes a wealth of new costumes and rewards for taking rounds in the mode, as well as the introduction of Standard or Random modes for CPU enemies and the addition of Menat’s Fortunes.

Survival Mode Gets a Major Update

SFV’s Survival Mode takes players through tiers of difficulty, pitting competitors against CPU opponents in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme modes. Upon defeating each enemy, players can use the points they earned in their overall score to purchase Battle Supplements, which can either fill the player’s HP, EX meter, or V-Gauge. With the introduction of Battle Goods, players can purchase unique use-items that will likewise give them an advantage in battle, such as boosting their attack, defense, or stun defense. Unlike Supplements, users can use up to five Battle Goods at one time, further increasing their chances of success. Once the update goes live, all players will see a number of Battle Goods drop into their inventory. Similarly, the more that players engage with the mode, the more Goods they will earn in return. The amount and quality of Battle Goods will likewise increase with difficulty, meaning that Extreme mode will earn players more desirable Goods over Easy mode. Battle Goods Street Fighter Fight Money can also be used to save a player’s spot in Survival Mode, instead of sending them all the way to the beginning upon defeat. However, this shortcut is costly: users will have to shell out 1,000 Fight Money to continue from their last fight. It does bring some major benefits, though: alongside the immediate runback, players also start with full HP, EX meter, and V-Gauge. Additionally, Survival Mode now features a Random or Standard option for CPU enemies, affecting which opponents players face as they move forward. Standard mode pits players against SFV’s initial cast of 16 fighters, while random mode sets them against all current characters for an added twist. Any leftover V-Gauge will also carry into the next match, giving players a better fighting chance against their upcoming opponent. Street Fighter Menat

Menat’s Fortunes Bring Big Rewards

Alongside these changes comes Fighting Chance, another method by which players can snatch Battle Goods using Menat’s fortune-telling skills. Users must spend 500 fight money to procure her Fantasy Fortune Readings, which contain multiple items – some of which are solely restricted to the Fighting Chance mode. With Menat’s fortunes, players can earn Battle Goods, new colors, collectible Street Fighter art pieces, and even costumes. A few of these costumes have already been teased, including a Rashid Air-Man alt, which has the MegaMan fan-base understandably hyped. Airman Rashid When users log in on the update’s release, they will receive one Fantasy Fortune Reading for free, kickstarting SFV’s latest implementation for Season three. With Cody’s highly-anticipated release, as well as costume procurement through Extra Battle Mode, SFV has seen a rise in single-player benefits. These new features likewise provide more avenues for players to spend their Fight Money, and give them more rewards to grind for aside from ranking up. For those who aren’t interested in the online experience, this latest update could be the thing to fit your fancy!