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Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

The King and The President: SFV’s Newest Characters Broken Down

Following their reveal at the 2018 Evolution Championship Series, G and Sagat are now in the players’ hands - and they’re packing quite a punch. G Orb Fans knew a major reveal was coming at this year’s Evo, and Capcom didn’t disappoint. The brand-new G and King of Muay Thai Sagat were announced to the crowd’s roaring approval, available for play the very next day. Since then, a multitude of tech concerning the two characters has been released, and the basics are gathered here for player consumption.

President of the world

G is a mysterious character new to the SFV universe - or so fans assume. With a mission to become the world’s president, G sports an Uncle Sam-esque design, complete with a top hat and beard. G’s story costume alludes to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, donning Q’s mask to suggest that he may be part of Q’s secret organisation - or Q himself. G is unique to the Street Fighter cast in that he can charge his attacks using a system called “Presidentiality.” G can gather the Earth’s power to use his G-Charge on its own or at the end of special moves, increasing his Presidentiality by up to three levels. By increasing his Presidentiality, G’s special moves do more damage, and likewise, gain different properties that can lead to interesting combos. The G-Charge can be activated on its own by pressing down on the joystick twice, then holding two punches immediately afterwards. While level three Presidentiality can be immediately attained by holding the input for a longer period of time, this is not optimal, as it opens G up to potential damage from his opponents. G-Charge can also be cancelled into via special moves by simply pressing two punches - however, only one level of Presidentiality can be attained at a time using this method. G SFV burning arms

Light it up

G’s G-Charge can also be cancelled out of his V-Skill, a protective shield that neutralizes one-hit projectiles. After annulling a fireball, G can cancel the field into G-Charge, using that clutch moment to build Presidentiality. While it serves this defensive purpose, it also has an offensive use, able to knock opponents into the air to create setups and juggle potential. G’s V-Skill is transformed into a projectile with his first V-Trigger, Maximum President. This V-Trigger likewise allows him to cancel his special moves into one another, and automatically raises his Presidentiality to level three for the duration of its length. His second V-Trigger, Dangerous President, gives G two new special moves - an uppercut and a command grab. Each V-Trigger is strong, with multiple uses to change the tides of battle. Ultimately, G has an excellent anti-air game and strong normal moves with excellent damage output. G also has long limbs for good reach and decent mobility. However, like many fighters in SFV’s cast, G has limited options once cornered. With no 3-frame normal and no other invulnerable attack outside of his Super, G is certainly not without fault.

The King has returned

The fourth King of Shadaloo has returned, and he makes the rest of SFV’s characters seem small in a way that Abigail can’t achieve. Donning a shawl to cover his scar from the nervous populace, Sagat has hidden away in Thailand’s wilderness with the company of his pet Tiger, Willa Maiu. He has since turned from Shadaloo’s evil plans to hone his skills - but his demons continue to pursue him. An integral part of Sagat’s gameplay is his ability to kara-cancel his shin kicks. While his dash is arguably one of SFV’s worst, this ability allows him to quickly gain ground while simultaneously dealing swift damage to his enemies. In SFV, these kick-command normals can cancel to substantially expand the range of his special moves, as well as prove useful for an array of combos. Sagat Tiger Uppercut

How dare you challenge the King?

Sagat’s V-Skill, Angry Charge, heightens his juggle opportunities and supercharges his Tiger Uppercut to launch opponents into the air, increasing the attack’s stun and damage output. His V-Trigger 1, Tiger Charge, bestows him with a new move dubbed the Tiger Cannon. This powered-up version of Sagat’s Tiger Shot has five hits and may be cancelled out of any of Sagat’s normal moves. Sagat’s V-Trigger II likewise gives him new attacks. Tiger Assault bolsters the King’s moveset with Tiger Rush and Tiger Spike: Tiger Rush has two hits of armour, allowing Sagat to power through projectiles, and is hit-confirmable off any of his normal moves. Tiger Spike is a guard-breaking spin kick powered via charge - provided it has been charged to its maximum potential. Sagat is able to zone out opponents à la SFII with his strong projectile game, keeping enemies at bay and punishing them should they try to jump in out of frustration. Sagat also possesses a strong anti-air game with his Tiger Uppercut, in addition to his long-range normal attacks. While Sagat forces enemies to play within his range, his slow normals, short throw range, and lack of a 3-frame normal currently place him on the lower end of the tier list. Though each character has their strengths and weaknesses, both appear to be fairly solid within SFV’s dynamic meta.